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  1. How do taxpayers issue an e-Invoice to a non-TIN holder such as foreign (non-Malaysian) buyers?

Suppliers are required to obtain buyer’s details from the foreign buyers for the purposes of e-Invoice issuance.

In relation to TIN to be input in the e-Invoice, supplier may use “EI00000000020” for foreign buyers without TIN. Refer to Section 10.5 of the e-Invoice Specific Guideline for further details.

  1. What is the timeframe to issue e-Invoice adjustments (i.e., debit note and credit note) after the 72-hours validation period?

There is no timeframe restriction for suppliers to issue e-Invoice adjustments. Taxpayers may follow their respective company policy for any e-Invoice adjustments.

As foreign suppliers and/or buyers generally do not use MyInvois System, any e-Invoice adjustments would be done through issuance of debit note, credit note, and refund note e-Invoice.

  1. Prior to full implementation, there may be suppliers who do not issue e-Invoice as they have not reached the mandatory implementation phase / date. In this situation, will IRBM accept normal invoices issued by these suppliers?

During the transitional period, all taxpayers will be allowed to provide either normal bill / receipt / invoice (as per current business practice) or validated e-Invoice to substantiate a transaction for tax purposes until full implementation has been in place.

  1. Does the MyInvois Portal allow for e-Invoice to be created and stored in draft form prior to finalisation and issuance?

Yes, the supplier will be able to create e-Invoice in draft or proforma. e Invoice will only be accepted for tax purposes once the validation is successful.

  1. Does the MyInvois Portal allow for editing of information after the e-Invoice has been verified by IRBM?

No, the supplier would need to cancel the e-Invoice within 72 hours from time of validation and reissue a new e-Invoice.

Any changes after 72 hours from time of validation would require the supplier to issue a new eInvoice (i.e., debit note, credit note, refund note e-Invoice) to adjust the original e-Invoice issued. Thereafter, a new e-Invoice would be required to be issued accordingly.

  1. What does IRBM validate in the e-Invoice?

IRBM validation includes a series of checks to ensure the e-Invoice submitted to IRBM conforms to the e-Invoice format and data structure as specified by IRBM. Refer to section 2.4.3 of the e-Invoice Guideline for further details.

  1. Will the supplier’s invoice number remain in the invoice document or will a different invoice number be assigned by IRBM upon the return of the validated e-Invoice to the supplier?

The supplier’s invoice number will remain as a separate field in the same invoice document for the purpose of the supplier’s internal reference and tracking. Upon validation, the supplier will receive a validated e-Invoice, together with date and time of validation, validation link and a Unique Identifier Number assigned by IRBM.

  1. Is an e-Invoice required for disbursements and reimbursements?

An e-Invoice may be required for disbursements and reimbursements, subject to the situation. Refer to Section 5 of the e-Invoice Specific Guideline for further details.

  1. Is an e-Invoice required for return of monies to buyers?                                                            Yes, a refund note e-Invoice is required for return of monies to buyers, with the following exception:                                                                                                                                         i) Payment made wrongly by buyers   ii) Overpayment by buyers   iii)Return of security deposits

  1. In relation to acquisition of goods from foreign suppliers, when will the Malaysian buyers be required to issue a self-billed e-Invoice?

The Malaysian buyers are required to issue a self-billed e-Invoice once RMCD’s clearance is obtained on the imported goods. The buyers would have to include the appropriate details as listed in the e-Invoice annexure on importation of goods.

  1. Is there a registration requirement for technology providers to participate in the implementation?

There is no registration requirement at this juncture. However, technology providers are responsible to ensure the functionality and reliability of their API integration with IRBM.

  1. Do technology providers need to apply for a certification in Malaysia in order to provide the CTC e-Invoice solution?

Not at this juncture. However, this may change in the future. Kindly refer to IRBM’s Official Portal for any latest updates on the latest position.

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